We also offer a service to test for bed bugs and dustmites and remove them from beds and soft furnishings,as well as carpets,it involves using specialised equipment especially developed for hospitals and hotels.and has been used for many years
once applied, there is no downtime and the items can be in use straight away.During the treatment, the dead insects and (in the case of dust mites), the faecus are removed and its this which causes the skin complaints in humans
       Its quite normal in extreme cases that a second treatment may be required after a month and there are times (in a serious  infestation of bed bugs )that only specialised chemicals will solve the problems which we are qualified and experianced to deal with .
                There are times when we will have to use a specific insectecide which is outside our control  and prices can varry ,we cannot price on line as we need to inspect the premises in order to quote you
                                             Prices  for chemical free treatment
                              Single matress   £30
                                             Double matress £45
                                           King size matress £55
                                         Carpets  £5 per square metre(using the chemical free method)
                                       sofas  £50 to £80 ,Depends on size
                                   Armchairs   £25
                         minimum order is £80
                                      vat is not chargable
                                 We also offer a treatment called healthy homes which also cleans ,sanatises and removes dust mites from carpets and  reduces the likelyhood of reinfestation using specialised chemicals but leaves no chemical residue afterwards  this treatment with the combination of the matress treatment is more effective in the long term.We can offer  package deals where we treat the matress and  clean the carpets at a reduced fee ,please call for a free inspection and quotation
dust mite ,chemical dust mite removal in Malmesbury,Chippenham,Tetbury,Corsham.Melksham,Malborough,Wiltshire,Somerset,Dorset
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