A full written  survey is conducted to asses the best cleaning method to use. We always pre-treat to remove grime and heavy soiling , followed by the most suitable cleaning solution to maximise the end results. We then remove as much as possible  stains, but must stress that no person can guarantee 100% stain removal.As a general rule , the longer the stain has been left on the carpet, the more difficult it is to remove.Also some domestically available stain removers , if not tested beforehand or have failed to carry out the instructions  have been known to remove the carpet dye.or cause the stain to set into the carpet pile , also  if you rub or scrub the carpet, there is a strong possibilty that the pile will become distorted , in both instances causing damage which no professional cleaning will rectify.

Chinese & Persian Rugs

We are Woolsafe Certified Operators and are highly specialised and experienced in cleaning Chinese and Persian rugs. A full survey is conducted prior to cleaning to assess the safest method. We usually clean by hand, and use only the safest solutions.

Seagrass/Sisal Carpets

There is an increasing amount of carpets made from 100% natural plant material that requires specialist cleaning.The system we use will not cause any shrinkage and is completly natural.Although the overall finish can be unprodictable and out of our control, we are experienced in this field and clean these carpets on a regular basis,we have never experianced problems to date, we do specialise in sisal carpet cleaning

Carpet Shield

We also provide a service to post clean the carpets and help prevent the carpet re staining. This system will not completely prevent the carpets from re-soiling, but it will make them more serviceable and can make staining from food and drink more easily mopping up the stain with a cloth or kitchen paper and bloating the affected area using ( in most cases ) plain water

“I have used Abracadabra Cleaning Services for the past six months and have found them to be hardworking, thorough, trustworthy, flexible and pleasa, nt. I would recommend them as a cleaner without hesitation” Keith C, Chippenham

Odour Removal

We are able to remove odours from all fabric types via a machine that uses ozone, a natural gas this leaves no chemical residue and is proving very popular with landlords and families. the odour is similar to the fresh air produed after a thunder storm which people love This also sanitises the air and kills all bacteria at the same time; it even removes the smell of cigarette smoke! This is a permanent process. we can also use chemicals to kill most viruses including the Nora Virus

Insect Removal

As of January 1st 2013, the law states clearly that only qualified people can use insectecide to remove insects . very few carpet cleaners are now qualified to carry out this service and although they will be kean to do so they are infact breaking the law which is there to protect you Unfortunatly, there is a nationwide problem with an increase in carpet beatle outbreaks. Once the moth is inside your home, it will look for a hiding place that is dark hence skiting boards and under furniture after it lays its eggs the larva will feed on the wool fibres, this stage lasts between 60 to 80 days. the larva spins a protective case which it drags around and eventually becomes the cocoon in which they pulpate and develops into adult moths which lasts up to 19 days then they hatch and the process starts all over again regular vacuming of the skirting board edges and vacuming under furniture will reduce the risk of an outbreak.Another possible  reason we are seeing an increase is because of the removal of insecticde from the carpet manufacturing process.This is  because of the effluent from this process is very harmful to the enviorment  We can remove fleas, silverfish and carpet beetles. We also have specific chemicals to kill carpet beatle, lava and the eggs, it is normal to expect a secondary treatment 3 months after the first visit

Hard Floors

We clean all types of stone, quarry tiled, lino, vinyl  floors. We always pre test a small area prior to full cleaning to ensure the best method is used and the best results are obtained. We also offer a hard floor sealing service to prolong the cleanliness of the floor, which also includes a tailor made maintenance plan for the customer to follow post-cleaning.

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“We always use Abracadabra Cleaning to clean all carpets and upholstery because they offer a good level of service and high standards” Letting Agent, Chippenham
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