Here are examples of emails sent in from our customers about the service we have provided.

Mr Johns,Thankyou for a very nice job done on the carpets and the house clean, we wont hesitate to use you again Mr Dodd, Calne May 2006

Hi Martin, with a log fire and 4 cats, our cream living room carpet was in desperate need of a thorough clean, My Fiance phoned Martin after visiting his website, She was impressed by the clear information given by Martin for what we required. He turned up on time, well presented and very friendly. Martin was upfront and honest that some markings would not be able to be removed and kept us informed throughout the process, the results were fantastic, much better than we ever thought , and will be recommending his service to our family ,friends and clients .Mr schild, Chippenham ,November 2011

Martin, we wish to compliment you on a job really well done ,there was a serious blood stain on our Axminster carpet, from the start you felt it may be impossible to remove this, however I am pleased to tell you that we can not detect any residue of stain, thankyou for your prompt service. Mr Newton-Smith, Chippenham ,March 2013

Dear Martin, On Saturday evening a glass of red wine was spilled onto my cream wool carpet so the first opportunity I had on Monday I searched the internet for local cleaners .Abracadabra"s website impressed me so I made the call. I was in luck and Martin called by a mere 25 minutes later to assess the damage. He was able to remove the hideous stain on a 6 month old carpet. Nothing short of a magician!! .Courteous,knowledgeable and of course talented, would recommend to anyone who will listern!! Mrs Box,Chippeham October 2013

Dear Martin, thankyou for your prompt service and removing the ink out of my carpets  and the old rust stain the previous carpet cleaner said was impossible to remove 2 years ago I will be using you again Mrs Fitzwarren, malmesbury  October 2013

Awesome job Martin,after 4 years its better than when I moved in will definetly use you again,, Mr Taylor ,Chippenham, November 2013

wow. the chairs look as new, thanks Martin.Mr Nicko, Chippenham ,November 2013

Thanks I never thourght you would get all the grime out of my lounge carpet.I expected to have to replace  it .a very big thank you martin mrs Jones,Corsham, January  2014

Hi Martin, sorry its taken long to get back too you.we got some cheaper quotes but because you took the time to come and look and explain things ,weve decided to use you to come and clean our lounge carpet.thanks  for a fantastic job ,the carpet looks new and still smells fresh.mrs Kelly, Chippenham Feb 2014

 Thanks Martin ,all I can say is Wow what a differance, theres no way these carpets were cleaned properly beforehand Mrs Nickles, Chippenham ,March 2014

 Martin, my hard floor in my salon looks amazing, im so stunned that it looks new after 2 years of grime, how did you remove it, you have  done an amazing job ,Mrs brendon, Melksham, March 2014

Hi Martin ,just a note to say thankyou for saving my rug after my stupid hubby tried to wash our persian rug in the launderette the colours had faded and changed colour,not any more ,thanks to your magic touch , hes  still in the doghouse.Just to say to everybody that martin gave me an impecable service  and saved us hundreds of pounds in restoring my beautiful rug.Mrs Harding ,Chepstow  April 2014

My lounge carpet looks amazing wow I am so pleased ,thank you Martin, Mrs Isac, Chippenham April 2014

Martin ,my beige carpets look amazing Thank you im booking you next year ,Mrs Simpson, Heddington ,Calne

 The carpets are amazing Martin ,Jamies farm,Ditteridge, Bath,April 2014

 Hi Martin ,Thanks for the fab job on the carpet cleaning,Leane, for the nature of it, Chippenham ,April 2014

Martin,amazing job on Manor Road, I will be in touch shortly with regards to the  carpets in our rented flat,Mr Dyer. Chippenham ,April 2014

Hi ,Martin Thank you very much for a good job, Dr White, Chippenham,  May 2014

Dear Martin, Thankyou for Coming out and quoting me for cleaning , i was very impressed with your service and attention to detail, its a shame my tennant decided to use someone else as the standard and so called service provided was very poor , under my instruction you came out and got all the grime and coffee stains out the other carpet cleaner said was permanent , you have done an absolute incredable job and was worth every single penny. I will only use  you again and will instruct all my tenants to contact you only .Mr Walsh, Chippenham, May 2014 

Hi Martin to give you some feedback, the carpets came up very well,my staff said you were very considerate ,and helpful in my call centre and they could work without interuption, thankyou, will be in touch again. Expolink, Chippenham,June 2014

Hi Martin ,im just Speachless, the carpets look new again , I wasnt expecting you to get  the stains out , i just dont know what to say ,apart from your  company name is  very appropriate as you certainly are a magician at removing marks  the other national carpet cleaning company said were imposible to remove  such as a coffee stain that was here for 4 years, not any more ! all I can say is wow !!!!!!!!!!!  .Mrs twist, Tetbury,June 2014

 Hi Martin.I just wanted to write to express my thanks for doing such an amazing job on my carpets, the dog urine stains have come out ,as have all the other staina on the middle stair landing. t he product you used left the most wonderful smell, so much better than anything I have ever used before. I will happily recommend you to anyone looking for a professional clean with such  an amazing fresh smell afterwards and will use you again in the future when I next need my carpets cleaned. Mrs Gibson, Gt Somerford, June 2014

Martin ,just to say a big thankyou, i had an ironbrew drink stain on my carpet and tried everything to remove it but nothing worked and assumed I would need to replace my lounge carpet, you came and removed every single trace .A true professional well done .Mrs Halshaw, Trowbridge , August 2014

Martin ,my 15 year sofa looks fantastic and will recomend you to all my friends as your quality of work is excellant a big thankyou.Mrs Davis, Chippenham August 2014

I had a red wine stain on my beige wool carpet, not any more after Martin came out ,Mrs Otool, Lynham August 2014

Martin ,my carpets are amazing and better than I expected, will be in touch when they need cleaning again ,thankyou ,Ms Watson, Chippenham August 2014

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