Cleaning Products

I try as much as possible to use phosphate free  products and use as many natural products as possible and are always proactive in researching and testing these products ,this is challenging to find suitable products without compromising the cleaning properties but always use products that meet the American enviormental waste standards as we are lead to believe that they are far higher than the current EU regulations in terms of water waste management,

                          Waste Disposal

we always dispose and insist of using drains for the disposal of used products down main drains that lead to sewers and not poured out in to gardens and streets as we respect the laws governing this and the enviorment and we are aware of the damage used cleaning products can do to aquatic life in our rivers and water courses

                     Disposal of containers and use of materials

All plastic containers and cardboard are sent to be recycled and we currantly recycle 240 litres  of  waste every 2 weeks on average that would of potentially been landfilled. All cleaning cloths and stain removal cloths are recycled e cloths that have been used by our selves and reused  rather than landfilled, once they are worn out, they are also sent to be recycled to be used for the  production of duverts or pillows


All our machinary for cleaning meets the new EU regulations for reduced power consumption from vacum cleaners ,air movers and  carpet cleaning machines and are replaced every  two years or less regardless of condition to ensure safety to the customer, their premises, and  staff as well as ensuring reliabilty of the machinary, we recently purchased air movers and dehumidifiers   that use far less electricity than an energy saving light bulb!!!! as I am  conscious of the amount of power consumption the customer has to supply,

       We believe we are market leaders in the cleaning industry and hope that other cleaning business will follow our example as we really care for the enviorment 

                              Martin Johns   propriator


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Accredited member National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners