More  feedback from very happy customers

Martin, just to say im stunned on how well my friends carpets have come up ,they were  really bad, I want you to clean my bedroom carpets ,.Stella , Chippenham, Sept 2014

Many thanks.Bowood House , Derry Hill, Sept 2014

Martin, I cant believe it ,my daughters carpet has its colour back and my sons carpet had a black unknown stain( hair dye),I tried everything to remove it but it wouldnt shift ,but how did you remove it ?,its been here for 3 years. Im speachless. I wish I never said to you that I"ll eat my hat if you can remove it  ,oh well hear goes. Mrs Shaw , Chippenham ,Sept 2014

Thanks Martin ,will be using you again,TajMahal, Chippenham Sept 2014

Martin ,my carpets were disgusting after I moved my furniture with drink and food stains, not any more and such a wonderful smell, will be recomending you to my work colleages and friends,thankyou..Mandy ,Sept 2014

Martin ,thankyou for cleaning my persian rug, the colours are so vibrant, I promise I wont leave it another 6 years , Mrs Brillcotte,Chippenham ,Oct 2014

Hi Martin .Many thanks again  for cleaning all the persian and silk rugs so well and  quickly. Mrs Cattermole, Castle Combe ,Oct 2014

Dear Martin, we"d like to say a big thankyou for your thorough,efficient and  reliable house cleaning over the last couple of years,we are sad to see you give up this side of the business,but hope to see you around town from time to time,Mrs Hurcum ,Oct 2014

Thank you Martin ,yet again our carpets look  amazing.James farm,Bath Jan 2015

My son was sick on my cream carpet and looked disgusting ,not any more,its amazing   Mrs Ditteridge,Chippenham,Feb 2015

Martin ,just to say had tennants who completely trashed the house and I thought   Iwould have to replace all the carpets,you have done an incredable job in deep cleaning a house i would describe as a complete sh*t hole into a an acceptable home , yes it needs decorating but all my god you worked your magic on it ,even the carpets looked fab  Mrs Clements, Sherston Feb 2015

Martin, thank you for a prompt ,efficient service,my louge carpet was thick with soot, not any more,Mr lennan, Malmesbury,March 2015

A big thank you from Rosemary Close, Melksham for dealing with our flood ,March 2015

Martin , a big thank you for saving our bathroom after the tennats trashed it , it smelt like a sewer and i couldnt walk in  it was so disgusting and filthy, I wanted to heave , i cant belive that someone can live like that,  Iwas expecting to rip it up but now it looks brand new  you saved me a packet .Paul,Chippenham  June 2015

Dear Martin,I wish to extend my thanks to you on behhalf of Dorothy House for offering to clean a customers carpet for us free of charge, after oil from one of our drivers had marked it, I know its not the first time you have helped us out and you are very kind to offer your services to us. We strive to make the most that we can for the hospice facilities to be provided for free to our patients and its gestures like yours that help us to do this,as well as providing great customer service to our customers.Thank you again for your kindness, it is very much appreciated  Mrs  wilkinson, Dorothy House Retail Manager    June  2015

Thanks Martin ,you have done a wonderful job on our white carpets yesterday they look great now ,Mr Burfitt,Chippenham,July 2015

Thank you Martin,to give you some feed back,you have done an amazing job and the smell has gone, thank you for being honest with us and providing a first class service. Mrs Barnell,Calne .July 2015

Thank you Martin,you have done amazing job on our carpets on the house we were renting, I will arrange for you to come out and clean our carpets at my new house. mrs Griffin,Malmesbury August 2015

Hi Martin, thankyou for spending time with me assessing my carpets, with your advise, I have decided not to clean the carpets and will replace them but thankyou for your prompt and honest service as your sample free clean proved that they were too far gone to clean,the other compay refused to come out and just quoted a price , I will recommend youto all my friends  Mandy, Calne  .Sept 2015

Hi Martin ,thank you for cleaning my Afgan Rug  it looks great and all the marks have come out,the colours are vibrant again  ,Mr Faber, Malmesbury Dec 2015

Hi Martin just to say you have done an amazing job on my rug and carpet a big thank you Dannielle ,Chippenham Feb 2016

Dear Mr Johns,Thank you for your advise ,time and expert cleaning ,my wool carpets look new  .My faith in has been restored ,you are a true professional. mrs clements ,Warminster March 2016

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