Carpet Clean Prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices

We have a special offer for rental accommodation, as well as for private households based on houses, flats built after 1960. As they are all around the same size but have the right to charge more if they are larger than average and do not charge VAT.

We offer a bronze, silver and gold service we use natural products during the final clean which is pet and child friendly.

Please read our full terms and conditions on this page before deciding which service you want as we are transparent.please be aware that the customer shall be liable to pay all costs,fees,disbursements and charges including legal fees and costs reasonably incurred by Abracadabracleaners in the recovery of any unpaid invoices regardless of the value of the claim

Abracadabra Cleaning Services

Our Packages


Any 5 carpets cleaned £140 no vat to pay

We vacuum the carpets that require cleaning first with an industrial upright vacuum cleaner to remove as much soil as possible. To pre-treat all carpets to remove light grime from foot traffic (but not including stain, urine or strong odour removal) sanitise carpets that are lightly soiled and don’t look dirty but require deep cleaning to pass rental inspections or for those that want carpets refreshed and sanitised only and have or due to have new born babies or small children.

Bronze Plus

Any 5 carpets cleaned £160 no vat to pay

Same as for Bronze but includes a Hospital approved anti-Bacterial/ virus agent that remove general odours excluding strong pet odours or other odours and bacteria ideal for those who own pets and require the carpets to be deep cleaned with an anti-pet treatment in the rental agreement. We apply an insecticide afterwards to the carpeted areas that have been cleaned for no additional fee. And no fleas or insects present at the time of cleaning. We only charge extra if there are signs of fleas.


Any 5 carpets cleaned £180 no vat to pay

Same as the bronze and bronze plus but we also pre-treat all carpets to remove heavy grime, soil, beverage and most food stains except curry and urine/pet stains, deep clean all carpets. Ideal for carpets that look very dirty.


Any 5 carpets cleaned £280 no vat to pay

Same as for Silver but it includes a carpet protector to reduce the risk of stains on carpets becoming permanent and makes the stain easier for you to remove with minimal work providing this is done immediately.

We carry out a full carpet survey to understand the carpet construction, by doing so, we offer a bespoke cleaning service, we will know what is the most suitable cleaning product to use (most of our rivals don’t do this). This ensures you get the excellent results expected as a customer we will charge extra if there is an odour caused by urine or a strong pet smell which is out of our control and requires a separate treatment and may not be noticeable prior to cleaning.

We do not charge VAT, these prices are for any 5 carpets please note that hall, landing and stairs count as three carpets (the same as any carpet cleaning company) we have a right to charge more if the carpets are not average size and will always advise prior to commencing work, by accepting these prices we assume you have read and accept our terms and conditions.

We understand fully that some so called professional carpet cleaning companies may well be cheaper than us and use price alone so make them appear better value and most have clauses hidden in the small print and will seldom charge you the price stated or forget to include VAT in the prices stated

But please remember very few of them are qualified or even received any training, they won’t know which correct product to use which can result in them damaging your carpets or simply over wetting your carpets causing shrinkage, and rotting away, are they insured for this as the standard public liability insurance does not cover this.

What makes us so unique to you is that we are the most highly qualified and experienced in your area, please remember we are the only Trustmark approved and National Trading Standards approved carpet cleaning business in this area, we are governed by strict consumer rules and adhere to them at all times, all companies must do the same but most don’t bother.

I will leave you with this thought, would you allow an unqualified, uninsured or inexperienced trained mechanic service your car? Why not? But people are happy to allow their carpets which are the most expensive item in their house to be cleaned by similar people.

Terms & Conditions

Please note these prices are based on average size post 1960 houses please call if your house is older or larger as a site visit will be required.

Please see our full terms and conditions  which are found under our menu heading on the home page, by accepting these prices, we assume you have read and fully understood the T&C’s and accept them. If you are unsure please ask us to clarify.

The prices are set and transparent but we have the right to adjust the price if we consider your property does not fit this criteria or you have failed to disclose factors not listed above  and will only commence work after the price has been agreed in writing with you. We do prefer to carry out a full assessment prior to the date you plan to have the carpets cleaned and will gladly do so free of charge and with no commitment for you to use us but we would be a lot happier if you did ! ( min order £ 70)

We do not move furniture out or in the rooms or assist in the removal unless by prior arrangement and have a right to refuse to do so if this poses a risk of injury to us. A further charge will be requested to do this. We request all fragile items to be removed from waist level downwards and will not accept liability for breakages if this hasn’t been done. We are customer focused and provide a high level of service but please note, cleaning carpets has risks and we will do our best to prevent damage, but will not accept liability for shrinkage due to bad or incorrect fitting of the carpets and will always advise you prior to cleaning, if there may be a problem and have the right to refuse to clean carpets where there may be a risk of damage or shrinkage. We will try our utmost to clean to an impeccable standard but there may be occasions when the carpet is too worn or stains are left too long to be able to remove or clean to a good standard and will not accept liability or offer to reclean again if this is the case, but will always advise you prior to us starting work.


We require 24 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel after you have made a firm booking and have the right to charge a £60 cancellation fee at our discretion.