Carpet Inspections

Carpet Inspections

The role and function of a carpet Inspector is to investigate and determine the causes of a complaint, his role is to gather only the facts, he must be able to determine the specific cause of the problem. Following the inspection, a written report that is an accurate, objective and informative is delivered to the commissioning party, credibility and integrity of the inspector inspires the client to produce the final decision on a possible claim settlement.

The following is a format the report will take:

  1. Statement of the problem
  2. Detailed physical description
  3. Testing
  4. Applied Industry Standards
  5. Conclusion
  6. Identification of the responsible party
  7. Recommendation (how to correct the problem)


Carpet Manufacturing

The vast majority of carpets are made to a high level of and meet quality control but occasionally a fault may occur unnoticed by the companies and is outside accepted standards.

Many carpet problems are caused by poor quality installations, a carpet must be installed to BS 5325/2001 otherwise it may not preform properly and if care is not taken during the installation stage, then the life of the carpet is greatly reduced or may even be unfit for purpose.

Careless Cleaning

Regular careful maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and maintain its appearance, but careless cleaning from untrained carpet cleaners can ruin it, with my experience as a true active cleaning professional, I can offer an insight why things have gone wrong and advise how to rectify them, but there are times when the carpet has to be replaced.

This service is available to carpet retailers, manufacturers, carpet cleaners, householders and commercial buildings, in fact anyone who requires this service.

Maybe you have purchased a carpet and you believe it has a defect and you want a second opinion, sometimes mistakes are made, poor advise from a supplier, lack of fitting skills, perhaps the retailers, fitters and manufactures are blaming each other and you have been left on your own and need an independent report, or you have had your carpet cleaned and believe it’s been ruined or poorly cleaned. Perhaps you are a carpet cleaner and believe you have been blamed for something you haven’t done then give me a call.

I cover Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Wales, I can cover the rest of the country if required.

We have to charge a mileage which is currently 50 pence per mile return journey but this depends on where we have to travel.

In most cases, Inspections costs £150 but sometimes as much as £250 (if it’s not a straight forward). This price includes a personal visit to the site, close examination of the carpet, gathering evidence, conducting tests, taking photographs, preparing an in-depth report. A further charge of £150 to £250 may apply if you require a written report and posted to you by email.

Laboratory testing is sometimes required and carries additional costs, as is conducted by Woolsafe who charge a fee for this service.