Rug Repair

Carpet & Rug Colour Repair

This process only repairs the colour loss to the original colour only and we cannot re-dye to a different colour, and we can offer this service nationwide but will charge a travel fee if its outside Wiltshire and costs can vary. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT COVER London or the South East and Scotland as there are qualified people in those areas.

Carpets and rugs in most cases can be colour repaired using permanent dyes specifically developed for our industry. The kinds of discolouration that can be colour repaired are; hair dyes, sunlight damage, permanent stains, discolouration caused by aggressive stain removers. We try and match the colour as much close as possible but it’s difficult to get a precise colour match and can only reduce the overall appearance of the stain in some cases these things, plus other problems not listed can be repaired permanently and will not wash out. This is a good alternative than replacing the whole carpet and is done at your home or office without the need to remove the carpet. The carpet is dry and when the repair is complete. If none of this is doable, then a full carpet repair service is offered when the damaged section of carpet can be replaced.

Prices can start from £80 upwards