Commercial & Extreme Cleaning

We specialise in extreme cleaning such as neglected properties and toilets, also we provide regular office cleaning including blocks of flats and are very established in this area and have a reputation for high standards, reliability and a bespoke service. We provide all equipment and materials. Whenever possible, we will try and use eco-friendly products to lessen the pollution impact on our water supply.

We believe that you must provide a vital good impression to your visitors so it’s important for the office to be immaculate.

The staff benefit from a clean environment, which in turn will also benefit you, the employer; It is proven that people work far better when presented with a clear, fresh space.

We are experts in the deep cleaning of toilets and properties that have been used as drug dens or simply been trashed by tenants and can leave the property ready for redecoration and refurbishment if its required, as quite often, paint is washed off the walls which is out of our control our aim is to try and save as many fixtures as possible.

“We have found Abracadabra Cleaning Services to be very efficient and thorough and would have no hesitation in giving them our recommendation.”

Hulbert & Richardson

“I have always found abracadabra cleaning services to provide a very reliable and professional service.”

L Holder, Doctors Practice, Chippenham

“I have found Abracadabra Cleaning to provide an impeccable high standard of cleaning.”

Dental Practice, Chippenham