Deep / Crime Scene Cleaning

We are fully qualified, trained, and members of The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners. We use the latest chemicals and cleaning systems recommended by the Academy to remove bacteria and viruses (including the Nora Virus) and make the area completely sanitised. This is a term used to clean up after accidents or natural deaths and even crime scenes in domestic homes, offices, schools, cars and anywhere human bodily fluids are present.

We also clear up hypodermic needles from houses and drug dens and safely dispose of the needles using the guidelines set by government standards.

What makes us so unique from other companies.

Martin has been trained by the Samaritans and offers a natural sympathetic and very bespoke service, he doesn’t treat it as just another job. He liaises with a family representative if required and can project manage the task by bringing in true tradesmen he personally knows and has seen examples of their work, in most cases he has employed them directly to work on his own home.

Martin will identify what is required and will take it on himself to keep you informed at all times the progress of the work outside working hours if required, he wants the whole process to run as smoothly as possible without causing any more stress to you, you will receive a 5 star service from him. There will be occasions when items can’t be cleaned and have to be disposed of but he will consult with you first.

If you are looking for professional, reliable and experienced crime scene cleaning in Wiltshire and deep cleaning in Wiltshire then let us help. Our bespoke service has a great reputation throughout the area due to the discreet and high-quality nature of our approach.

As fully qualified and trained members of the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners, we are up to date with all the latest techniques and materials to use when crime scene cleaning in Wiltshire and deep cleaning in Wiltshire. Whether it is the scene of an accident that needs sorting out or a property you own that needs a thorough clean to remove a bad odour, we are the premier business in the Wiltshire area to help.

If you are in need of this type of service, give us a call today on 01249 26316 or 07776 062060 so we can sort it out for you. Let us come to the property or crime scene and use our experience to fully clean it. Before you know it, it will be as good as new and our bespoke service means it will all be done as quickly as possible and hassle-free for you.