Emergency Flood Repair

We can come out to you to pump out water including sewage from your carpets and dry them as quickly as possible (including weekends and out of hours) and sanitise them, making them safe for you and your family using the latest energy efficient specialised equipment, (we must have access to power 240 volts) and use hospital approved products to remove viruses and bacteria. Normally it can take around two days for carpets (including the underlay) to dry if they are under water, but may take longer if the flooding is more severe sometimes the carpets can be salvaged, but there are times when they will require replacement, we can remove the carpet and underlay for you from the rooms if need be. We are used by Housing Associations for floods caused by water and sewage backflows.

On most occasions, the household insurance has covered, this fee according to our customers and we have been competitively priced. We bill you direct for this service as we have no accounts set up with the insurance companies reports can be made for you to present to the insurance companies at further cost. We cannot repair leaking pipes as you will need to call out a plumber and have the water turned off first.

Emergency flood hotline ONLY 07776062060