Terms & Conditions

1) We shall perform the service with reasonable skill and care and to a high standard. We cannot, however guarantee that all stains, marks or soiling will be completely removed and if we have exhausted all means of treatment first time round, we will charge for a re clean the item. There are rare occasions when the item requiring treatment is so heavily soiled, especially if the item has not been cleaned for a long time, that a second visit will be required  and this may not be obvious during the initial inspection. A further charge will be required.

1b) We quote and price accordingly on the condition of the item required cleaning and have a right to charge more if there are any additional marks, soiling or stains not present at the time of the inspection or the customer has intentionally not mentioned or disclosed when questioned or voluntary disclosed at the time of the inspection all marks, stains and soiling.

2) We do not accept any liability for shrinkage or colour migration arising out of or as a result of the cleaning process or the use of any cleaning agent, unless these arise from lack of reasonable care and/or skill by us.

3) We do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage due to defects of whatsoever nature in the article.

4) Where the cleaning process is carried out at the customers own premises the customer shall be responsible for the removal of all furniture, goods and chattels for the purpose of cleaning. We will not move or assist with the removal of furniture without prior arrangement and a further fee will apply. We will not accept liability for any damage caused to furniture, goods or chattels, unless damage has occurred as a result of negligence or lack of care. We also have the right to refuse to move furniture, goods or chattels if there is a risk of the item being damaged or possess a risk of injury to ourselves whilst moving the item.

5) We pride ourselves in providing an excellent level of service and will always offer to reclean free of charge within 5 days, if you are dissatisfied however if the carpet has heavy/excessive areas of wear due to heavy foot traffic caused by insufficient or lack of underlay or there are stains which in our opinion, cannot be removed or reduced any further, we will refuse to do so and will always try our utmost to warn you prior to the commencement of the work as further cleaning will not solve this precondition which is out of our control.

6) Payment of work and services shall be made immediately on completion of the work or by prior arrangement, received within 10 working days of the completion of the work or service, we reserve the right to make the following additional charges upon late payment at our discretion.

6a) Compound interest of 10% from the date of completion to be charged weekly.

6b) A charge of £45.00 if a late payment letter / re issue of an invoice due to non-payment being received has to be sent/delivered to the customer to cover our administration costs.

6c) We reserve the right to charge a cancelation fee of £60 if we do not receive notice within 24 hours of fails to make the appointment on the time or date specified by the customer.

7) Occasionally, we have special offers only available on our website and will honour this at all times, but we have a right to refuse to honour the prices if they have been advertised elsewhere without our knowledge or permission and outside this website.

8) We have the right to refuse to honour the set prices advertised on our website if the customer fails to disclose marks on the carpets when questioned and we are unable to inspect the building or after an initial inspection, further marks appear through neglect of the customer, our price when quoting in person is based on current condition and we have the right in adjust the price before we clean the carpets but will do so after consulting the customer first,  our quotations are valid for 30 days only.

9) Our prices quoted are based on normal working office hours, if after we have quoted to clean you decide to have the work carried out at weekends or outside normal office hours and fail to notify us at the time of quotation, we have a right to charge a premium price unless the price was agreed by Martin Johns beforehand.